Dia-2200-mini Source: Lach Diamant

Another innovation from LACH DIAMANT, discoverer of spark erosion for manufacturing diamond tools for the wood and composite industries as well as for mass-production in the automotive and aviation industries.

Not that long ago, these tools could only be produced up to an axis angle of 40°.

New materials, such as high-gloss laminates used especially in the furniture and kitchen cabinet industry, and the recently emerging zero-joint technology forced not only the tool industry but also LACH DIAMANT, as a manufacturer of EDG sharpening machines, to face the challenges of new machining procedures.

With the continuous development of axis angles (this applies also for diamond tools) the industry succeeded to date in offering a solution up to  80°. It allows even the machining of extreme materials.

Lach Diamant
Source: Lach Diamant

LACH DIAMANT supports these manufacturing technologies, even as a manufacturer of special machines. A software update is available for the current Dia-2200-mini product line of LACH DIAMANT EDG (Electrical Discharge Grinding) eroding machines – sharpening machines; it allows for a transition to extreme axis angles up to 80°.

All Dia-2200-mini machines leaving the Hanau plant are already equipped with this additional programme, and at no extra charge as LACH DIAMANT would like to emphasize.

Moreover, nothing changes regarding the ease-of-use of the Dia-2200-mini as service and sharpening machine for polycrystalline diamond tools. Operators can rely on known and proven features, e. g. during tool measurement, whether eroding with carbon or copper.