Trumpf introduces new series of its Tru Print 3000 3D printing system

Featuring two 500-watt lasers, a revised inert gas flow concept and melt pool monitoring, Trumpf has further developed its Tru Print 3000 laser melting system.

According to Trumpf, the new Tru Print 3000 can be equipped with a second laser, which almost doubles its productivity. Two 500-watt lasers scan the machine’s entire build chamber in parallel. This makes production much faster and more efficient regardless of the number and geometries of the parts.

With the Automatic Multilaser Alignment option, the system can automatically monitor the multilaser scan fields during the build stage and calibrate them to each other. With each laser scanning a contour, the process does not lead to any kind of weld seams.

The flow concept has also been revised. According to Trumpf, the protective gas now flows particularly evenly through the system from the back to the front – which increases the quality of the printed parts. In addition, it is possible to remove excess powder from the component while it is still inside the system.

Since the printing powder is then reprocessed under inert gas, no contamination enters the powder circuit — an important advantage for sensitive industries such as medical technology.

In addition, the new Tru Print 3000 is equipped with so-called melt pool monitoring. This melt pool monitoring is intended to ensure the quality of the component even during 3D printing.

For this purpose, special sensors constantly check the melt pool. Software compares the values with the data of a stored reference workpiece and graphically displays deviations — for example, if the melt pool is too cold or overheated.