Profilator S-150 machine
Profilator S-150 machine Source:

GMTA, the North American distributor of Profilator, has added S-type machines using the process modules it already supplies.

The Profilator can perform polygon and face slot machining, geartooth pointing, chamfering and deburring, gear and spline cutting, shifter stop machining, and scudding.

The twin-spindle S-type is a modularly designed, vertical pick-up gear cutting machine. Most applications on the machine use a dry machining process. All machine components are designed for high static stiffness and optimal dynamic behavior. A control panel and media container are installed on the rear of the machine bed. The workplace flow direction is variable. 

S-series machines are available in three sizes: S-150, S-250 and S-500. These models accommodate part diameters ranging to 150250 and 500 mm, respectively.

Profilator S-500 machine
Profilator S-500 machine

The polygon turning unit is used for castle teeth machining on automotive gearbox parts. The rotating cutter head is synchronized with the workplace spindle for front-face coupling with the carbide insert arrangement and the transmission ratio. With additional inserts on the same cutter head, the part can also be deburred.

In gear tooth pointing applications, the pointing tower can be used in both rotative and indexing modes. Settings and corrections are made through the Ergo Control SIMPS (Profilator Simplified Integrated Machine Programming System). The shifter stop is synchronized so that the tool machines each tooth flank. 

Lastly, the machine can perform the scudding process for a range of symmetrical gear applications as well as non-symmetrical gear or profile applications such as belt pulleys and synchronize gears. The same machine can be used for internal and external scudding operations.