Vertical machining centre with B- and C-axis rotary table
Source: Victor Taichung

Victor extends its line of machine tools with the Vcenter AX630 5-axis vertical machining centre (VMC).

To facilitate 5-axis machining, Victor’s Vcenter AX630 incorporates a B+C-axis rotary table to machine large parts up to 700 mm diameter by 500 mm. The trunnion type B+C-axis table has a built-in backlash-free roller cam mechanism that is seated on the machine base to maximise rigidity. According to the machine tool builder, the B-axis can rotate at up to 17 rpm with 6880 Nm of torque whereas the C-axis rotation is capable of 33 rpm at 1960 Nm.

Adding to this robust and speedy rotary table that is built into the fixed table, the Vcenter AX630 optimises structure stiffness with the moving column and spindle retaining an optimised centre of gravity. The spindle is fully supported by front slideways when the Y-axis travel is shorter than 300 mm. This is said to ensure optimal cutting performance during the most challenging of operations.

The machine is supplied as standard with a Fanuc 0i-MF CNC control unit that drives the tools around the 700 mm x 500 mm x 500 mm X, Y and Z axes work envelope. Built to speed around this work area is a high-speed 12,000 rpm spindle with a BIG Plus BBT-40 interface that is said to maximise tool clamping rigidity.