Toolholding Collet System Generates Extremely High Clamping Forces

RegoFix introduces the powRgrip toolholding collet system, which generates extremely high clamping forces equal to and, in most instances, higher than shrink-fit holders.

Such applications include those with long, awkward tool overhangs as well as those involving small, intricate parts and molds and dies.

The powRgrip system consists of three main components, holder, collet and press fit assembly mounting unit, which work together to generate superior clamping force, high-vibration dampening and extreme precision. The system uses the mechanical properties of the holder material to generate tremendous gripping force with tool run-out below 0.0001″. Interchangeable collets are available, including metric sizes, and hold both carbide and HSS tools.

Designed for easy operation and use, the system takes less than 10 seconds to press in a tool or remove it from the holder. Because no heat is used, tools can be used immediately after a tool change. The versatile powRgrip product line offers several special ancillary technologies and accessories, as well as specific sizes that further optimize machining operations in the aerospace industry.

Large size powRgrip PG 32 collets are well suited for machining components made from Inconel and titanium, and the company’s secuRgrip technology, which combines powRgrip’s tremendous gripping strength with a patented locking key system, provides an added degree of confidence for applications, such as heavy-duty material removal and the machining of expensive castings or complex parts.