WEPTOS WEC (Wave Energy Converter) employs a well‐known and effective method in order to extract wave energy in a completely new and innovative manner. Through its floating angular construction, the Wave Energy Converter can regulate the wave energy input and reduce the impact during rough weather conditions. 

The V‐shaped structure absorbs the wave energy through a line of rotors, which each of them transmits the energy to a common axle, directly attached to a generator. This way, an even energy generation throughout the wave duration follows, enabling for other known generator solutions to be applied.


Source: The Weptos

Based on acknowledged technology

The shape of the rotor draws upon the reputable Salters Duck geometry, whose ability to achieve high levels of energy conversion efficiency became the subject of great attention when it was first developed in 1974. The modification to the Weptos version of Salters Duck (rotor) have reduced the construction weight significantly still maintaining the same high efficiency.

The WEPTOS technology differentiates itself by applying mechanical energy extraction working in two-way rotor movement direction. Since this takes place at an angle to the wave evolution, and the numerous aligned rotors are relatively short, an enduring rotation of the common axle is ensured with a speed in the same range as that of wind turbines.

Mehanizam kliješta u pretvaraču WEPTOS-a (The ratchet mechanism in the WEPTOS converter) Izvor: ResearchGate

When a wave hits an individual rotor, the Power Take Off (PTO) mechanics causes the common axle to rotate. After a wave has passed the individual rotor, the center of gravity makes the rotor swing back towards the starting point still rotating the common axle.

The efficacy is notably high, and the system works without additional steering mechanisms.

Adaptive to wave conditions

Survivability has been a key feature of the Weptos structure from the initial concept. The Wave Energy Converter is built so that the opening angle of the device is adaptable with respect to the incoming sea condition. The device can increase its width relative to the incoming wave front in operating wave conditions and reduce its interaction with excessive wave power in larger and extreme wave conditions.

The WEPTOS technology automatically adapts the structure angle to changing wave conditions and optimize power to the generator.

High performance Power Take Off

The Power Take Off (PTO) system is a brand-new invention designed and patented by Weptos. It is a breakthrough in mechanical extraction of wave energy.

Performance is proven through extensive tests and is the key to utilizing already known generator technology from wind turbines. The direct drive system of Weptos is a reliable, strong and silent solution.

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