Star CNC’s Swiss-Type Lathe Machines Complex Components
Source: Star CNC

A slant-bed design provides rigidity and accuracy for heavy metal removal and enables easily switching between GB and non-GB for processing material up to 42 mm.

Star CNC says its SX-38 is a robust Swiss-type lathe designed for accurate, versatile machining of complex, large-diameter components from challenging materials. With more than 80 tools, gang- and turret-type tool positions, and a fully programmable B-axis, the Star CNC SX-38 type A/B is designed for machining complex, mission-critical components.

A slant-bed design is designed to provide rigidity and accuracy for high metal removal rates and enables easily switching between guide bushing and non-guide bushing for processing material up to 42 mm. The fully programmable, servo-driven B-axis unit handles up to ½” diameter tooling for surfacing and significant metal removal in highly complex parts.

The B-axis unit also provides a 3-spindle holder for high-speed milling units to accomplish surfacing objectives. Productivity-driven software manages chip control in challenging materials, reduces cycle time and remotely monitors with real-time efficiency.