Software Updates Enhance Cobot Programming, Monitoring

New software updates have added some 50 operational and ease-of-use features to the line of OB7 collaborative robots from Absolute Machine Tools’ partner Productive Robotics.

The software enhances cobot connectivity, expedite efficient integration with other equipment and facilitate real-time status monitoring.

Full linear control eases the teaching process for the cobots. The software also strengthens the cobots’ ability to directly monitor and control the machines they work with, including providing instant connection to equipment with Rockwell Automation’s Ethernet IP. Live online monitoring with email and text alerts provides real-time updates and notifications of machine stoppages and other issues. Complete interoperability with Cognex and other smart camera systems expedites system integration, as well.

With seven axes, OB7 cobots provide extended flexibility enabling them to reach around obstructions and operate in confined workplaces. The family of four cobots is designed for simple and complex tasks for various payloads and sizes.