Polygonica 3.0 new features
Source: Moduleworks

The Polygonica 3.0 release contains a large number of customer-driven revisions and improvements.

There are eighteen areas of substantial new or upgraded functionality including remeshing, surface recognition, shrink-wrap, 2D infill and 3D curve operations, along with a further eleven enhancements that might be considered more minor but that have an important impact for customers working in those areas. Some of the headline enhancements are described below.

Improved surface fitting

The existing surface detection algorithm has been reworked to deliver better results on noisy scan data whilst also improving surface fit on relatively well-formed meshes originating from CAD systems.

Surface fit tolerances are now automatically computed based on an analysis of the model and a variety of new controls have been offered to allow the user to further guide and refine the surface detection operation should they wish to.

Improved remeshing

The remeshing algorithm has been extended to support curvature sensitive remeshing in which triangle edge-lengths vary as a function of the local radius of curvature of the surface.

Other improvements include a new default option to collapse short edges along sharp feature edges and zone-based remeshing allowing the user to specify different edge-lengths in different zones across the surface.