Joypad Eliminates Traditional Machine Joystick
Source: Schneider

Dr. Heinrich Schneider Messtechnik GmbH has released a new JoyPad for use with its multisensor coordinate measuring machines.

The wireless JoyPad represents a single user interface for machines eliminating the traditional Joystick replacing with a touch based machine navigation system. The company states that Joypad represents the ultimate combination of a joystick and a tablet.

The new JoyPad provides everything a user needs to control the measuring machine and measuring software providing fingertip control. Operation is simple and intuitive. Where the user thumb interacts with the touch pad resides the virtual motion joystick for X/Y axis or Z axis.

The multi function unit provide machine motion, measurement software function access, display of measured results and a live digital readout displaying machine position.

Joypad Benefits

  • Simple and intuitive operation

  • Measurement software can be controlled via JoyPad

  • Integrated in the emergency stop system

  • Wireless connection