Outstanding interest in the International Industry Fair.

Expert, internationally exceptionally well represented, and even more content-rich – that is the International Industry Fair that awaits us in April 2023 at the Celje Fairgrounds. This fair raises the importance of the domestic and regional industrial sector and ensures that we do not miss the latest achievements of the global industry.

It is the largest and most significant fair in southeastern Europe in the field of mechanical engineering, tool-making, welding and cutting, industrial automation, plastic industry and advanced technologies, which is becoming increasingly important as an opportunity for new jobs, new customers, and presentation of the achievements of individual companies.

The fair thus promotes the faster development and improvement of the industry.


Stručni, međunarodno iznimno dobro zastupljen i sadržajno još bogatiji – to je Međunarodni sajam industrije koji nas očekuje u travnju 2023. godine na Celjskom velesajmu.
It is the fair that the industry urgently needs. Despite the restrictions on fair attendance and the Corona crisis that affected 2022, in just 4 days at the Celje Fair, the International Industry Fair, 13,700 professional visitors lined up, a third of whom were from abroad. 300 exhibitors from 10 countries and 800 brands from 30 countries could be seen.

It is the fair that brings together a rich offer with all the novelties in one place.

Fields represented at the fair:

  • FORMA TOOL – tool and machine manufacturing,,
  • welding and cutting,
  • polymer industry – PLAGKEM,
  • industrial maintenance – TEROTECH,
  • industrial automation, robotics, and electronics..

With each repetition of the fair, we strive to introduce new, additional content to the Celje Fair.

This time we have honored the long-standing request of exhibitors to add the TEROTECH industrial maintenance and machine, device and object cleaning fair, which showcases the greatest innovations in the field of machine maintenance and cleaning in production companies. The content of this fair will be combined with the content of the International Industry Fair for the first time, which will undoubtedly attract even more visitors, including technical directors, quality assurance engineers, maintenance personnel, and buyers.

An important aspect for them is also the professional accompanying program that develops in-depth discussions on specific topics and brings new knowledge.

The International Industrial Trade Fair greatly expands the fields. We will also participate in the presentation of the polymer industry and learn more in detail and comprehensively about industrial automation and robotics. In the Celjski sejem company, we want to empower this important field that can significantly optimize the production process in any production and achieve significant changes in reducing the time needed to produce even higher quality products.

At the same time, the Celjski Fair will host the Lestech, a trade fair for woodworking machines, tools, and raw materials, and visitors will be able to visit all trade fairs with the same ticket.

The trade fair is even more important because it takes place only every two years.



Good reasons for visiting and participating in the trade fair:

  • Building community – take advantage of the unique environment of partners and customers.

  • Attract attention – draw attention to oneself, one’s company and innovations.

  • Collaboration – put yourself on the map of companies in the industry and forge new alliances.

  • Expand international business – meet new international clients and expand your business contacts.

  • Opportunity for leadership – exchange ideas with other companies.

  • Shape the agenda – raise important industry questions to policy makers and media outlets.

  • Purpose – inspire (including new job seekers in the field) with your contribution to the future of the industry.


What excites us at the Celjski Sejem company the most is the opportunity for companies in the industry to quickly and effectively present themselves to a wide audience and properly highlight their achievements, which will also help other companies in their growth and development.

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