Inovatools – Special tools made to order and delivered in a week

Inovatools - Special tools made to order and delivered in a week

Inovatools manufactures special tools for complex tasks in the µm range, inclusive of coating and offers their shipment within a week.

Tool manufacturer expert, Inovatools, develops and produces special tools for complex drilling and milling tasks in the µm range, inclusive of coating as well as custom-made tools, and offers their shipment within a week, the company says.

Today, with the use of new high-tech materials, specialised machining tasks and the constant pressure to increase productivity as well as efficiency, standard tools can become sub-optimal in industrial production. All this calls for specialised and application-optimised tools. Moreover, compared to conventional tools, special tools offer benefits like higher durability, quality and are more cost-effective in terms of unit costs.

Norbert Geyer, head of the special tools department at Inovatools: “A customer can receive within just 24 hours a quotation precisely tailored for their specific requirement. Development and manufacture begin as soon as we receive the drawing for the relevant tool or workpiece – complete with dimensions and tolerances from the customer.”

Detailed information about the material to be machined, the machining strategy, information on the production machine and operating parameters such as cutting speed, feed values, coating, surface quality ensure that the company can optimise the cutting materials, geometries and coatings suited for the cutting task.

To create ideal conditions for ultra, high-quality tools, Inovatools uses premium carbide. A high degree of vertical integration at Inovatools is another key advantage. It has a wide range of edge preparation facilities in-house including coating work which are all supported by modern grinding technology in three-shift operations. The company’s large stock of semi-finished products with ready-made SC blanks significantly reduce production times and, in turn, delivery times. For example, the company says that SC special-purpose drills and milling cutters with dimensions of 0.1 mm up to 32 mm featuring a special carbide substrate, customised coating, geometry and optimum chip grooves can be shipped to customers within a week.

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