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San Francisco-based manufacturing bureau, Fictiv has announced significant updates to its 3D printing service. In doing so, Fictiv aims to better serve the needs of its industrial customers engaged in demanding additive manufacturing programs.

Fictiv’s recent addition contains 14 new materials, tailored for advanced engineering applications. These span from high-temperature options like Ultem 9085 to biocompatible choices such as ABS-M30i, alongside the introduction of a range of optical SOMOS materials. These cater to automotive, industrial, consumer products, and medical applications, including functional assemblies, jigs, fixtures, and mass production.

“We are committed to providing our customers with industry-leading 3D printing solutions for R&D as well as high-volume production needs for new product introduction,” said Riley Hall, Director of Additive Manufacturing at Fictiv. “With this expansion, our customers will not only be able to source parts with cutting-edge lead times for 3D printing, with more options than ever, they’ll also have access to all of this at an incredibly cost-effective price point.”

Nylon 11 fire-retardant 3D printing material is one of fourteen new materials available on the Fictiv platform for advanced industrial applications. Photo via Fictiv.
Nylon 11 fire-retardant 3D printing material is one of fourteen new materials available on the Fictiv platform for advanced industrial applications. Photo via Fictiv.

Materials offer advanced properties for demanding applications

Ultem 9085 is a high-performance thermoplastic known for its strength, heat resistance, and chemical durability. It finds application in aerospace, automotive, and industrial contexts. Similarly, Ultem 1010 exhibits high heat and chemical resistance and is often used in industries requiring sturdy, high-temperature-resistant components. TPU 88A is a flexible, rubber-like material ideal for crafting elastomeric parts, footwear components, and impact-resistant items.

Nylon 11 Fire Retardant is a nylon-based material known for its fire retardant properties, finding use where flame resistance is a necessity. PC-ISO is a polycarbonate-based material with biocompatible features, making it a suitable choice for medical and healthcare applications that require sterilization. ABS-M30i is an ABS thermoplastic optimized for medical purposes, providing strength and biocompatibility, primarily employed in the fabrication of medical tools and devices.

Nylon 12 is a durable material with strong mechanical properties, commonly used for tough functional prototypes and end-use parts. Nylon 6 is a versatile nylon-based material, prized for its strength and chemical resistance. ST-130 stands out as a specialized material for crafting soluble tooling for carbon fiber layup, especially valuable in the robotics and aerospace sectors. Accura AMX Rigid Black is a precision resin known for its high stiffness and smooth surface finish, frequently selected for industrial prototypes and components.

3D printed part created using Ultem 9085. Photo via Fictiv.

Digital supply chain and quote-to-order platform simplify access to advanced additive manufacturing

Somos Evolve offers durability, toughness, and temperature resistance for functional prototypes and parts. Somos Watershed is a transparent resin with clarity and water resistance, ideal for optical and clear components. Somos Waterclear provides optical clarity and high light transmission for transparent applications, while Somos Perform, known for its strength and durability, is frequently used in aerospace, automotive, and industrial functional parts.

Additionally, Fictiv is introducing an array of online quoting features for 3D printing via the Fictiv platform, enhancing customer flexibility in choosing production times, configuring infill density, and threaded insert specifications. An improved material filtering system simplifies material selection. Fictiv’s upcoming introduction of Carbon Digital Light Synthesis (DLS) 3D printing technology, scheduled for October end, offers rapid printing, high resolution, and diverse materials, suitable for scalable production.

Fictiv says, expanding partnerships with additive manufacturers like Jabil Additive offer competitive pricing for ordering parts in larger quantities. Fictiv’s digital supply chain and quote-to-order platform simplify access to advanced additive manufacturing, facilitating product development across all stages for businesses and innovators, says the company.

Technical specifications

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