Beaverlab has launched Davcarve L1, what it claims to be “the world’s first” dual-laser, multi-module engraver, and cutter.

Making its first appearance on Kickstarter, this novel multi-module engraver and cutter presents backers with the chance to benefit from discounts of up to 55%. The campaign, set to commence on October 10, promises to bring a new level of precision and versatility to creative projects, says the company.

“The Davcarve L1 is poised to revolutionize the way we approach engraving and cutting, making it an essential tool for anyone passionate about craftsmanship and design. With its innovative features and unwavering commitment to safety, it promises to be a game-changer for artists, designers, and DIY enthusiasts looking to elevate their creative projects,” says the company.

Davcarve L1 dual-laser, multi-module engraver, and cutter. Photo via Beaverlab.

Versatile features simplify engraving and cutting

With a substantial 2,000 cm² working space/area, expandable with optional risers to 110mm in height, the Davcarve L1 provides ample room for “creative expression.” What sets it apart from other laser engravers is that Davcarve L1 has a 42mm Z axis, which allows precise engraving on different heights. Additionally, its high-performance 57mm high-torque motor offers a maximum engraving speed of 1000mm/s, and its precision of 0.01mm allows for complex designs on various materials. 

The Davcarve L1’s 4-in-1 rotary extension allows for 360° rotary engraving on curved objects, providing versatility and precision when working on items such as rings, balls, cylinders, and cones. One user-friendly feature is the easily replaceable parts design. All work modules have a dovetail slot mechanism for quick installation and removal, without the need for complex connections.

Beaverlab’s new laser engraver and cutter is suitable for intricate projects. Photo via Beaverlab.

Meeting artistic and professional needs with Davcarve L1

The Davcarve L1 offers a diverse range of features to meet various artistic and professional requirements. One standout feature is its incorporation of 6 laser modules in one machine, each tailored for specific tasks. These include a 2W infrared laser module, 10W blue laser module, 20W blue laser module, CNC module, Fine Point module and artistic drawing module. Additionally, the 540nm blue laser modules, available in both 10W and 20W power configurations, “excel” at engraving and cutting a wide spectrum of materials, including wood, leather, MDF, opaque acrylic, fabric, dark glass ceramics, and even cement. Meanwhile, for those seeking to engrave on metals like copper, gold, silver, titanium, and stainless steel, the 2W infrared laser module stands out as the ideal choice, says the company.

Featuring a secondary pressure spring and telescopic blade, the Fine Point Blade Module enables users to achieve fine precision when cutting flexible materials, with a reach extending up to 14mm. The Davcarve L1’s drawing module, on the other hand, extends “creative possibilities” to individuals who may not have strong drawing skills. Users can choose from various pen styles including gel pens, markers, to ballpoint pens. This module offers various pen sizes with diameters spanning 5 to 20mm and lengths ranging from 80 to 190mm, allowing for the automatic creation of hand-drawn artwork by presetting art templates and parameters within the software. 

Additionally, the Davcarve L1 is equipped with a CNC module that features a 10,000rpm ER11 spindle and a 3.175mm spring collet. This integration converts the machine into a sturdy CNC router, adept at effortlessly handling thick and durable materials. It also provides precise control, making it suitable for delicate tasks like PCB carving.

Davcarve L1 can work with various materials including wood. Photo via Beaverlab.

User-friendly software and essential safety features

Catering to both novices and seasoned professionals, Beaverlab’s LaserCreate app streamlines the engraving process by providing resources, step-by-step instructions, and a library of video tutorials. On the other hand, the LaserCreate PC software, capable of accommodating multiple languages and various vector graphic formats, “proves to be an ideal choice” for managing complex and demanding projects with ease. Moreover, the upgrade of LaserCreate is free for a lifetime, says Beaverlab.

Beaverlab’s LaserCreate app simplifies the engraving process. Photo via Beaverlab.

To prioritize user safety, the Davcarve L1 is equipped with essential safety features like a gyroscope sensor, flame detector, and an active stop button. These mechanisms guarantee the immediate termination of operations should any safety parameters be compromised. Additionally, the device holds certifications such as CE, FCC, FDA, and RoHS, reflecting its adherence to internationally recognized safety standards.

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