Zero Defect Manufacturing with AI

Supplier of CAM software components Module Works announces its participation in the EU-funded InterQ project.

Coordinated by the Ideko research centre in Spain, the InterQ project unites 25 partners from eleven European countries to develop an integrated data management platform for zero-defect manufacturing.

Digital manufacturing unlocks a vast amount of data on the production chain, but without the right processing and management technologies, it is not possible to turn this data into accurate, reliable, secure and relevant information for optimizing the efficiency and quality of industrial processes. The InterQ project is addressing this issue by developing a data management platform that enables full control over the data emanating from the production process.

InterQ proposes a new generation of AI-driven tools, digital twins and machine learning algorithms to measure, predict and control the quality of products, manufacturing processes and data in smart factories. The reliability of gathered data will be checked in real time using historical and statistical analyses. The end-to-end approach traces quality across the entire production chain to eliminate waste associated with defects, improve production efficiency and bring production closer to the ideal of zero-defect-manufacturing.

As part of the consortium, Module Works is developing new CAD/CAM software algorithms for automated manufacturing. The new developments arising from the InterQ project are expected to result in greener technologies and more efficient, high quality production that will boost the competitiveness of European companies in key sectors such as aerospace, energy and automobility.