Yaskawa Motoman GP280L

Yaskawa Motoman has debuted the extended-reach, six-axis GP280L robot, an extension of its GP-series robot family for swift, high-power applications.

Yaskawa Motoman says its extended-reach six-axis GP280L robot offers fast and powerful performance for a variety of applications, especially in handling, cutting, machine tending and press tending. The robot’s 280-kg payload capacity accommodates large, heavy components.

With 3,114 mm of horizontal reach, 3,552 mm of vertical reach and ±0.1 mm of repeatability, the GP280L can perform jigless applications, where the robot positions a part for processing by other robots or two robots handle a single part.

High moment-of-inertia ratings ease transfer of heavy payloads, and Yaskawa says the robot’s swift axis speeds and acceleration capabilities reduce cycle time to increase production output.

The streamlined upper-arm design enables easy access to parts in tight spots, and a wide wrist-motion range eliminates potential interference with fixtures. The robot’s reduced interference design allows placement in close proximity to workpieces and other robots for high-density layouts.

Installation is quick and efficient. A single cable connects the manipulator to the controller, streamlining setup and reducing expenses for maintenance and spare parts inventory. The GP280L can be floor-mounted and has an IP67-rated wrist and IP54 body standard.