Yaskawa and Realtime Robotics Create Logistics Solutions
Source: Yaskawa

Yaskawa and Realtime Robotics have combined their technologies to increase automation versatility in logistics automation, specifically in piece picking and mixed-case palletizing.

Yaskawa and Realtime Robotics have created a joint solution to increase versatility in material handling and fulfilment automation. The companies say the combination of high-performance Yaskawa Motoman robots with Realtime Robotics’ motion-planning technology improves precision and cycle times for a variety of high-value logistics applications, including piece picking and mixed-case palletizing.

Specifically, Realtime Robotics’ motion-planning technology and associated perception capabilities enable users to place high-performance Motoman robots closer to each other to increase and optimize task efficiency. The joint multi-robot architecture supports a streamlined process of deploying robotic solutions that eliminates the need for programming interference zones. The result is robotic work cells with a smaller footprint and higher output.

Yaskawa and Realtime Robotics say this result solves a long-standing desire for increased automation in the repetitive and dangerous job of picking, placing and palletizing various objects for long hours. In the past, the companies say, programming robots to recognize and adapt to on-the-fly changes had been too difficult and time-consuming. Now, this automation allows employees to focus on activities that are safer and to which they can add greater value.

In addition, this technology partnership offers quick fault recognition for highly variable automation environments. Applying this monitoring technology to palletizing aids in building dense, stable and accurate mixed-case pallets, while automatically alerting maintenance if errors occur.

Yaskawa will begin installing these mixed-pallet robot cells in 2021. Each will consist of Realtime’s motion-planning solution paired with two Motoman-GP180 robots with a YRC1000 control system, servo gripers, roller conveyors and safety fencing.