Tuesday’s marvels of engineering: PrintSyst launches pre-printing analysis tool powered by AI
PrintSyst’s 3DP AI-Perfecter Source: PrintSyst

“We are thrilled by the opportunity to assist our customers in overcoming a significant pain point in the 3D printing process.”

PrintSyst.ai has launched its latest proprietary artificial intelligence (AI) engine which aims to improve the consistency and reliability of 3D printed parts.

The 3DP AI-Perfecter is a pre-printing evaluation tool and has been designed to allow companies in the aerospace, defence and automotive industries to produce additively manufactured parts with greater repeatability and reduced labour, time and cost.

It believes analysis of parts before the physical 3D printing to be crucial and a process that requires highly-skilled engineers to carry out, while also baring significant risks to a company’s reputation should errors be made. PrintSyst has therefore spent the last couple of years focusing on artificial intelligence and leveraging the technology to create a platform that, the company claims, has enabled instant, automatic and accurate pre-printing part analysis that can save up to 99% of the preparation time and cost.

It is a scalable tool and using it is extremely user friendly and simple,” commented Itamar Yona, PrintSyst’s CEO.

“We support multiple 3D printing technologies and our customers enjoy automatic AI-based printing recommendations. Moreover, as part of our overall customer-centric approach, we are providing customers with a simple-yet-clever dashboard that could be used to monitor our solution’s impact on their printing process and also might be used to further scale and optimise our customers’ operations. This dashboard can, of course, be customised to specific customer needs.”

PrintSyst’s solution is already used by customers worldwide. We are thrilled by the opportunity to assist our customers in overcoming a significant pain point in the 3D printing process and thus enabling them to become more efficient and ultimately further grow their business,” added Noam Taube, PrintSyst’s VP of Marketing and Sales. “We believe that 3D printers that operate in highly regulated, industrial markets, such as aerospace, defence and automotive, would gain the most value from using our 3DP AI-Perfecter and are looking forward to closely collaboration with them.”

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