Tuesday’s marvels of engineering: Atlas-HS pellet extrusion 3D printing system

Titan Robotics has announced the launch of its Atlas-HS pellet extrusion 3D printing system, which features a 3-axis milling system on the same gantry, at AMUG 2021.

The hybrid additive and subtractive manufacturing platform is being brought to market to shorten cycle times and deliver smooth and accurate end-use components.

Titan’s latest addition to the Atlas 3D printer series is equipped with a heated chamber that enables the printing of high-performance polymers like CF-PEI, GF-PEKK and Nylons, and build volumes of 42 x 42 x 44 inches up to 50 x 50 x 72 inches, with custom size options also available. It also boasts a chip collection system, an available tool changer with a capacity up to six tools, spindle sizes up to 0.25 inch in diameter and up to 4 inches in tool length, as well as tool calibration sensors. Users also have the option to incorporate both Titan’s pellet and filament extruders on the same gantry.

The company believes the Atlas-HS is capable of addressing industry needs within aerospace, automotive, consumer goods and foundry environments, and lists end-use parts, patterns, moulds, tools, jigs and fixtures as suitable applications.

“As part of Titan’s mission to enable adoption of additive manufacturing in industrial production, we are continuing to provide new and innovative solutions for our customers with the launch of the Atlas-HS,” commented Rahul Kasat, Titan Robotics Partner and CEO. “As the industry leader in pellet extrusion, the Atlas-HS broadens the capabilities for our customers to utilise our multi-head systems in new applications.”

“The Atlas-HS provides new and innovative solutions for production additive manufacturing by enabling industrial users to 3D print a near-net shape part with pellet extrusion and then post machine it to meet final part requirements, as well as produce complex geometries with in-situ machining capabilities,” added Bill Macy, Titan Robotics’ Partner and CTO.

Titan Robotics is demonstrating the Atlas-HS at the Additive Manufacturing Users Group conference at Booth P29.