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Long tool life and universal use

Long tool life and universal use

Walter is introducing a new TC420 Supreme variant. This is a thread former (M5–M16) for blind-hole threads up to < 3.5 × DN, which combines for the first time chamfer form E with axial internal...
Carmex Multi-Function Milling Tool

Carmex Multi-Function Milling Tool

Carmex’s Multi-Function Milling Tool performs six milling operations on a single tool, while maintaining high performance and durability. Carmex designed its new Multi-Function Milling Tool (MF) for a wide array of milling applications including spotting and drilling, side...
Big Kaiser’s Nirox high-performance drill from Sphinx

High-Performance Drill

Big Kaiser’s Nirox high-performance drill from Sphinx boasts a TiAlSiN-based coating for enhanced chip and coolant evacuation in difficult-to-machine and adhesive materials. Big Kaiser Precision Tooling introduces the Nirox high-performance drill from Sphinx, the newest addition to its cutting tool...
Seco Assistant Machining App Saves Time, Boosts Productivity

Seco Assistant Machining App

Seco Assistant mobile app streamlines the daily machining experience, combining vital information and tools with a smooth user experience. The Seco Assistant all-in-one mobile app makes it easy to quickly and easily identify cutting tools and strategies to reduce...
Seco Tools' Turbo 16 Achieves Long-Lasting Tool Life

Seco Tools’ Turbo 16 Achieves Long-Lasting Tool Life

Seco Tools is expanding its Turbo Line with Turbo 16 cutting inserts, which feature tool longevity and material removal rate boosts. Seco Tools is positioning its Turbo 16 line as a great benefit in securing processes and...