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Okuma double column machining

Okuma double column machining

Okuma meets the special demands of the automotive industry. Its double column machining centres provide high precision during the manufacturing of large parts. With over 50 years of experience and a production capacity of...
How to protect your bearing investment?

How to protect your bearing investment?

Inspection and maintenance are important to maintain performance, extend service life, avoid downtime, and promote total cost of ownership. Bearing inspection and maintenance are important not only to extend bearing life but to...
6 Reasons Why Your Shop Needs a 3D Printer

6 Reasons why your shop needs a 3D printer

The promise is real: additive manufacturing can contribute significantly to machine shop workflow, and stimulate creativity. Although it’s true that additive manufacturing holds tremendous promise, some machine shop owners may remain skeptical about...
Understanding PTFE, and How to Use It

Understanding PTFE, and how to use it

You might know it as "PTFE”, but it also goes by several other names, including "polytetrafluoroethylene" and its brand name "Teflon". It is a plastic fluoropolymer that makes a vital contribution to...
Vertical vs. horizontal lathes

Vertical vs horizontal lathes

Horizontal lathes – What’s the deal? There are horizontal lathes and there are vertical lathes. While the spindle’s axis of a vertical lathe is parallel to gravity, a horizontal lathe’s spindle is parallel...