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Tormach 8L Lathe Promotes Affordable CNC Turning

Tormach 8L Lathe Promotes Affordable CNC Turning

Tormach’s new 8L Lathe offers a capable, compact CNC turning machine for shops and individuals on a budget, with PathPilot software and a unique 5C spindle. Tormach Inc.’s 8L Lathe, is a compact CNC machine that...
Index's MS32-6 Multi-Spindle Lathe

Index’s MS32-6 Multi-Spindle Lathe

Index’s next-generation MS32-6 six-spindle automatic lathe is designed to bring the benefits of multi-spindle technology to a broader range of applications with a flexible tool slide platform that reduces changeover times.  Accommodating barstock ranging to...

ISCAR Tools – machining bearings

Bearings are necessary for almost any mechanical system and other machining elements that require rotational movement. Varying sizes can vary from 2 millimeters for an electronic system to 7000 millimeters for wind...