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CNC Cutting vs. Laser Cutting: The Differences Explained

Many smaller machine shops and fabricators, along with hobbyists working from a garage or workshop, are looking to replace or add to their manual machines with computerized equipment. Many customers have questions, especially on...

Amada Miyachi’s WL-300A Laser Workstation

Amada Miyachi’s WL-300A laser processing workstation, a larger version of the LMWS laser marker workstation, is designed for nanosecond pulsed fiber laser applications. The workstation is equipped with Amada Miyachi’s LMF fiber lasers...

Exclusive interview – DMG MORI presents Lasertec 30 SLM

DMG MORI Lasertec 30 SLM 2nd Generation Offers Open Parameters. We've talked in exclusive video interview with Mr. Ralph Rösing, managing director with DMG Mori. The second generation of DMG MORI's selective laser melting...
Increasing productivity with the MILLTURN

Increasing productivity with the MILLTURN

The MILLTURN will be centre stage for WFL at this year's EMO. Three demonstration models will be on show at the trade fair from 16 to 21 September: an M30-G MILLTURN /...
At the Fraunhofer Institute for Laser Technology, with multibeam concept team achieved to drill 12,000 holes per second with 1µm diameter

Laser technology – 12,000 holes per second with 1 µm diameter

A new generation of ultrafast process technology is on the market. Higher average laser power and greater pulse energy promise higher throughput and efficiency. The current challenge is to develop new beam guidance...