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Tuesday’s marvels of engineering: Chiron Develops LMD 3D Metal Printer

Tuesday’s marvels of engineering: Chiron Develops AM Cube

Chiron enters the metal additive manufacturing market with its AM Cube, which can change deposition heads during active processes, utilizing different feedstocks for different purposes. The Chiron Group has developed the Chiron AM Cube, a metal additive...
CHIRON Series 22 Machining Centers Emphasize Modularity

Chiron Series 22 Machining Centers

Chiron's Series 22 machining centers come in both four- and five-axis varieties, with modular solutions for a wide variety of high-precision tasks. Chiron’s new twin-spindle five-axis series DZ 22, with a 600 mm spindle clearance,...
Chiron unveils new VMC for large components

Chiron unveils new VMC for large components

The recently introduced Chiron FZ/DZ 25 vertical machining centre series is designed for highly productive machining of complex, large volume structural components. With a spindle distance of 800mm and spindle speeds to 20,000rpm,...

CNC machines report for first 6 months

The updates, the improvements, new models and new technologies for cutting, grinding, milling/turning, and more is a never-ending show It may seem that CNC machine tool builders save their big announcements for big...