Smart Factory Robotic Measurement Cell Launched
Source: MQS

Measuring & Quality Solutions (MQS), headquartered in Germany, has launched the MANTIS automated robotic measurement solution offering a fully integrable turn-key inspection solution for the smart factories of the future.

The MANTIS measurement system is described as a completely new approach to production measurement offering users an offline and online software platform for the selection, planning and integration of a multitude of modular hardware combinations resulting in the best possible configuration for the selected application. The platform remains the same across all projects, thus increasing efficiency, reducing the cost of integrating new technologies and scaling the benefits of existing methods for future applications.

The integrated Nexos 4.0 Offline Planning Software, developed by Swiss company Eleven Dynamics, provides robot inspection cell programming and simulation allowing any sensor, robot, and component part to be configured.

MANTIS can be integrated ‘At-Line’ or ‘Near-Line’ and allows different scan modes to be selected based upon the part surface under inspection. The scanning sensor offers blue laser parallel scanning lines and multiple crossed red laser lines which is especially suited to hole inspections. The robot is optically tracked in real-time removing the accuracy of the robot from the measured cell’s overall measurement performance.