Rotary hand-pieces for heavy-duty polishing, grinding and deburring
Source: Diprofil Diamantprodukter

Sweden-based Diprofil Diamantprodukter is introducing a line of rotary hand-pieces for use in both European and US standards.

Diprofil Diamantprodukter is very soon offering a new line of rotary hand-pieces that comes with connections for flexible-shafts of both European and US standards. Designed and manufactured in Spånga, close to Stockholm, this new line can withstand heavy-duty work in a wide variety of applications such as surface finishing, grinding and deburring, the company says.

The advantage of this new line is it offers rigid hand-pieces that has only a minimum number of parts that are likely to break down. As such, life expectancy is increased while reducing service and maintenance costs.

The rotary hand-pieces comes with both three and 6mm diameter collets, which thus accommodates a wide variety of tools. A 2.35mm diameter collet is also available as an optional accessory.

According to Diprofil, aggressive tools like carbide cutters and large-diameter polishing tools, which create a lot of friction, can be securely fastened in the collet to prevent the tools from slipping during operation. The straight version of the hand-pieces will be available through Diprofil’s worldwide network of partners and distributors around March or April this year. This will soon be followed by the right-angled hand-pieces that are commonly used in mould polishing applications.