Romi's D-Series VMC
Source: Romi

Romi’s D series of vertical machining centers is designed for productivity, robustness and precision. 

In the USA, Romi offers three models: the D 800, the D 1000, and the D 1250. All three are equipped with big-bore, 40-taper direct-drive spindles with speeds of 10,000 or 15,000 rpm. Direct drive is low maintenance and improves accuracy and repeatability, while the big-bore 40-taper increases stiffness and allows increased depth of cut during machining, the company says. 

The D 800, D 1000 and D1250 provide maximum machining volumes of 31″ × 24″ × 25″, 40″ × 24″ × 25″ and 50″ × 24″ × 25″, respectively. Linear roller guides on all three models facilitate feed rates ranging to 1,575 ipm.

Each model is equipped with a FANUC 0i-MF i-HMI CNC with 15” touchscreen; sensors for thermal compensation; and a 30-tool automatic vertical toolchanger.