Porsche individualizes full-shell seat using 3D printing

Porsche individualizes full-shell seat using 3D printing
Source: Porsche

Porsche’s new Bodyform full bucket seat has a hidden innovation in addition to its looks: the novel center track of the cushion and backrest is additively manufactured and can be selected in three hardnesses. The individualized sports seat has recently become available.

Seats adapted to the driver are not new, and now Porsche is offering customization with soft, medium, and hard hardness levels. Ex-works and with road approval. It is achieved by a 3D-printed center track of the cushion and backrest.

According to Porsche, the 3D printed body form full-shell seat is based on lightweight construction. It is created using a sandwich design: A base member made of expanded polypropylene (EPP) is bonded to a 3D-printed breathable comfort layer made of a polyurethane-based material mix. The components are clipped together. This innovative joining technique avoids adhesive emissions. The outer skin of the seat is made of Race-Tex. This non-slip material is designed to provide plenty of support in the seat and, thanks to its unique perforations, ensure better passive air conditioning. Viewing windows allow a look at exposed colored components in a 3D-printed grid structure.

In the medium term, Porsche is planning even further customization – namely full bucket seats adapted to the individual body contours of each customer. According to the company, the new sports seat is available for all those models for which a full bucket seat is offered. It is also possible to retrofit vehicles that have already been delivered, it says, and some models can also be fitted with it on the passenger side.

“High-Performance Seat Jeroen Bleekemolen,” named after the Le Mans winner from Zandvoort in the Netherlands.

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