One tool instead of two: reaming through bores and blind bores

Mapal is expanding the series to include the Fix Ream Short Plus with newly developed coolant outlets. With the new reamer, users can machine both through bores and blind bores.

The Fix Ream high-performance reamer series made of solid carbide from Mapal cover a wide range of applications and have already proven themselves many times in steel and cast machining.

Since they can be used for reaming both through bores and blind holes, only one tool needs to be kept in stock instead of two. Users profit from a reduction in tool and storage costs.

Thanks to a patented arc land chamfer, the cylindrical form of the bore as well as the roundness is improved by 30 % compared to the previously available Fix Ream high-performance reamers. The unevenly divided cutting edges ensure smooth running with little vibration.

This leads to the best surface finish. The short design saves the carbide resource and improves the stability of the tool. In addition, this solution is more cost-effective than the long design.