DLVW-4848-LX vibration welder
Source: Forward Technology

A new dual-axis servo spin welder introduced by Forward Technology is designed for a range of injection molding applications that require high rotational power along with vertical and rotational precision.

The company also announced enhancements to its linear vibration welder for a range of large injection molded parts.

The new HD2X-OSW servo spin welder provides rotational and vertical positioning and a 24-inch stroke (weld height range). Simple push-button recipe changes when switching from tall to short tools, and vice versa, eliminate manual adjustment of the head’s vertical position. The spin welder orients part halves relative to each other with a rotational tolerance accuracy of ±0.002 inches.

HD2X-OSW servo spin welder
Source: Forward Technology

The company also announced an upgrade to its DLVW-4848-LX vibration welder with an enhanced drive for additional analytical options. This model is particularly suited for welding large automotive parts such as intake manifolds, instrument panels, and engine covers, along with plastic pallets for the transportation and logistics industries.

Forward Technology, a Crest Group company, manufactures standard and custom plastic welding equipment and testing systems, and has designed and manufactured spin welders since 1993. The company’s product line includes hot plate, vibration, infrared, spin, and ultrasonic welders, as well as systems for burst testing and custom leak testing.