MU-S600V Wins Machine Design Award 2018

Okuma’s MU-S600V 5-axis vertical machining center has won the 48th Machine Design Award for Excellence, sponsored by the Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun Business & Technology Daily News (METI Minister’s Award) [Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry].

The MU-S600V is a “smart machine” that can be used for high-mix, low-volume (HMLV) and variable-mix, variable-volume production, as the core of “smart factory” operations. In developing the MU-S600V, Okuma targeted the following design concepts:

As machines playing a vital role in the new factories of the future

As machines that, just by being connected, can build compact automated production lines into innovatively smart production line systems

As machines that can adapt to changes in production (market requirements) from stand-alone to multi-machine applications (agile manufacturing)

From large operations to small job shops, the MU-S600V is an easy door opener to effective 5-axis machining

A slender machine, only 1,400-mm wide has a large machining area (maximum diameter of ø600 mm)

Designing smart machines that lead the way to new, master-craftsmanship manufacturing

Designed ease of use in 5-axis machining

Leveraging the convergence of ease of use, IIoT, and AI

With new usability designing that focused on practical and successful 5-axis machining

As Your Single Source for M-E-I-K (Mechanics-Electronics-IT-Knowledge), Okuma offers this 5-axis VMC with an entirely new design concept, for the future of advanced craft-based manufacturing.