Mihoković d.o.o. – A new factory in the entrepreneurial zone of Pisarovina

Mihoković d.o.o. Metal Solutions has opened a new production facility in the Pisarovina Entrepreneurial Zone.

Among the two-hundred quests, the opening of the production plant was welcomed by Assistant Minister of Regional Development and European Union funds, Katica Mišković, County Prefect of Zagreb, Stjepan Kožić and Pisarovina Mayor Tomo Kovačić with Deputy Radicic Radic.
The total investment, through the project “Increasing Spatial Capacity and Strengthening Mihoković’s Technological Equipment”, exceeds HRK 8.6 million, of which the European Regional Development Fund has been approved for a grant of 3.6 million, implemented under the Competitiveness and Cohesion Operational Program 2014-2020 .

“The advantage of the acquired laser is that it cuts and noble metals, it has great precision, and the cut material does not require finishing and grinding,” says Stjepan Mihoković. For 25 years, the company has been manufacturing and processing metal objects, intensive industrial design in recent years, and manufacturing of metal stands for cosmetics, food and IT, modular mounting platforms, construction fittings, wall shelf systems, stand alone shelves .

In Pisarovo we are planning to move several machines from our plant in Zagreb, and we are planing new employment. We will need developers, operators, locksmiths, toolmakers … The basic problem is that there is not enough educated staff, “says Mihokovic. There are currently 25 employees in his company.

“The company is engaged in the production of metal structures and their parts. Our business is divided into three main directions: products, services and projects. We have our four production lines that we mostly sell on the domestic market. Most of the business is the services we are doing for large factories, we appear as outsourcing partners and we provide support in the production of certain parts of the product. Given that this is a long-term cooperation, we invest in equipment and production processes. The project part of the business has the greatest growth and implies the design of the product according to the design or design of the partner. We elaborate technical details, and we often participate in product development, “said Marina Mihoković, Director of Sales and Marketing.

“With the owners, no one is happier than we have opened another plant in the entrepreneurial zone, a total of eleven. This is an investment that employs, generates income, gives the opportunity for young people not to go beyond the boundaries of our municipality, “commented Tomo Kovačić, adding that by the end of the year Pisarovina’s entrepreneurial zone is expecting another two investments – the start of construction of a Power Plant capacity of 1.2 megawatts fewer breweries. Mayer Kožić said he was particularly pleased with the opening of production facilities.

“I’m happy that everything is happening in one of our business zones. It only confirms that almost 20 years ago when we started building business zones, they had a good vision. Through the entrepreneurial zones we create the conditions for attracting new investments that ultimately employ new people, “said the county governer.

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