Mechatronic’s success reflects industry’s growing interest in the Smart Factory

Birmingham automation and smart factory specialist, Mechatronic Solutions, has secured £1.5m-worth of new contracts across aerospace, automotive, food & drink and healthcare..


The demand for innovation, capital investment and new technology has fuelled 400% growth over the past five years – image courtesy of Mechatronic Solutions.

Industry’s growing desire for robotics, automation and digitally-enabled production is helping to bring the vision of a fully-connected Smart Factory to life.

It’s a trend that Mechatronic Solutions, which employs 50 people at its Kings Norton facility, is certainly benefiting from, with recent orders to supply assembly systems for self-administering drugs, a robotic sensory test facility and new machines that will help companies assemble parts for one of the UK’s leading car makers.

The recent growth is expected to see the company hit £7m in annual sales in 2018, its 30th year in operation.


Founder, Richard Evans explained: “The transformation over 30 years has been remarkable. We’ve gone from a small start-up to a firm supplying blue chip companies in the UK, Ireland, Europe and Malaysia, working with big names including Rolls-Royce, Accord Healthcare and IAC.”

Established in a small unit in Birmingham in 1988, Mechatronic Solutions has recently completed its 1,500th project, with demand for product innovation, capital investment and application of new technology helping fuel 400% growth over the past five years.

Industry’s move towards digitised factories represents a major opportunity for the business and more than £1m is invested annually in R&D work, ranging from new additions to its Robopod® suite of products to digital twinning and closer integration of artificial intelligence into daily manufacturing functions.

Richard concluded: “Thirty years in business – including the global recession of 2009 – is some achievement and our staff have played a crucial role in our development. The plan now is to maximise our global reputation and lay the foundations for another three-decades of success.