Laser processing machine for small and medium tubes
Source: Mazak

The new FT-150 Fiber is a compact laser processing machine that aims to benefit from an ergonomic design, with the operator area, loading station and unloading station all located on the same side.

Equipped with a 3.0 kW fiber resonator, the FT-150 Fiber can process single workpieces up to 6,500 mm in length and 150 kg in weight, with a maximum tube diameter of 152.4 mm. 8,000 mm and 180 kg options are also available.

The machine can cut a wide variety of materials typically used in the architectural, automotive, construction and furniture industries, including mild steel, stainless steel, copper, brass and aluminium.

Designed for maximum productivity, the FT-150 Fiber can perform multiple processes, including cutting, tapping, drilling and thermal drilling. In-process time is reduced as it negates the need for processes such as punch press, deburring and hole tapping. In addition, the fibre laser, together with high-speed feedrates, high-speed acceleration and fast chuck-indexing, deliver exceptional cutting speeds, Mazak explains.

Productivity is further improved due to its large capacity bundle loader, which can automatically load raw material weighing up to four tonnes, to enable continuous operation over extended time periods. The FT-150 Fiber can also unload workpieces in a variety of ways, from standard solutions to automatic sorting systems for the efficient production of large-lot and multiple part models. The machine is capable of unloading finished parts up to 3000 mm in length (a 4500 mm option is also available) into parts buckets, or via an optional conveyor belt. The sorting system can sort and unload small, medium and large finished parts in four different areas.

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