Italian machine tool, robot and automation manufacturing industry with record numbers

Italian machine tool, robot and automation manufacturing industry with record numbers
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Ucimu’s President Massimo Carboniero recently said: “The 2018 results of the Italian industry of the sector are, by far, the best ever achieved, with double-digit increases for almost all main economic indicators.”

At the annual members’ meeting of the Ucimu-Sistemi per Produrre late June, Carboniero noted that for 2018 the best record numbers have been achieved since 2014 and added that the forecasts for 2019 indicate stability and should be levelling. The President of Ucimu said that the Italian Government was asked to abandon the “logic of intermittency” and to provide a structural Package of Provisions on 4.0 immediately to enable SMEs to plan their medium/long-term investments.

In 2018, the country’s machine tool, robot and automation manufacturing industry indicators registered the best double-digit increases for almost all main economic indicators since the positive trend started in 2014.

According to the final data from the Economic Studies Department and Business Culture at Ucimu, output of machine tools, robots and automation systems achieved €6,775m in 2018, corresponding to an 11.3% upturn compared to 2017. This outcome is the result of both the positive trend of manufacturers’ deliveries in the domestic market, which rose 15.2% to €3,112m, and exports that amounted to €3,663m, thereby registering a growth of eight percentage points compared to the previous year.

In 2018, the main markets for Italian products of the sector were Germany (€394m, +15.1%), the USA (€354m, +11.5%), China (€341m, -0.4%), Poland (€229m, +41.7%), France (€227m , +6.7%), Spain (€144m, +7.9%), Russia (€100m, +11.9%) and Turkey (€90m, +2.6%).

Consumption was positive. For the fourth consecutive year, it recorded a double-digit growth, totalling €5,164m that is 15.7% more than 2017.

Ranking fourth among manufacturing countries, the Italian industry in these sectors took third place among exporting countries. Italy strengthened to be fifth in consumption ranking, which is a testimony of dynamism of its domestic demand that took advantage of the incentive provisions for competitiveness (Industry 4.0/Enterprise 4.0).

Forecast for industry in 2019

The forecasts for 2019, however, show a setback, for the first time in five years, mainly because of uncertain and unstable situation, both domestically as well as with foreign markets. The trend of the Italian industry of the sector will very likely remain the same in 2019, Ucimu disclosed. In particular, the growth in production should slow down, forcast to increase 3.6% at €7,020m while exports are expected to achieve €3,900m, which is a 6.5% increase compared to 2018. The export/output ratio is also expected to grow to 55.6%.

Even consumption is predicted to be slower, attaining €5,220m (+1.1%), which would mean the same as 2018. Ucimu also noted that manufacturers are expected to reflect the same trend.

The Ucimu meeting was also attended by the President of Confindustria (Italian Industrial Federation), Vincenzo Boccia and economist and Vice-President of Fondazione Edison -Marco Fortis.

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