How can we improve the stability and accuracy in rotating tools applications when applied to Swiss-type and Multitasking machines?

    An excellent way to do so is to improve clamping stability by use of integral collets. What is an integral collet? An integral collet is a tool with a tapered shank for direct mounting on ER collet chucks. When compared to a typical spring collet clamp, the integral collet provides better accuracy and higher rigidity. This feature makes integral collets very promising for use in Multitasking and Swiss-type machines. Iscar offers several tool families with integral collets. Some of them, such as those with MULTI-MASTER adaptations, have internal coolant channels for inner coolant supply.

    More about ISCAR Integral Collets see in video.

    Check ISCAR’s catalog to learn more about the many possibilities for Machining Intelligently.

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