Friday’s tools: Tangential milling system 409
Source: Horn tools

Paul Horn GmbH has extended the 409 tangential milling cutter system to include a precision-sintered indexable insert.

The sintered insert with roughing geometry offers a cost-effective alternative to the ground version. The geometry includes a circumferential protective chamfer to ensure long tool life. The stable wedge angle along with the incorporated flank chamfer create a smooth, low-vibration milling process. The positive radial and axial rake angles ensure a soft cut, with the closed chip groove resulting in reliable chip formation. The indexable inserts are compatible with all milling body types.

To cope with the time and cost pressures that are increasing all the time, including in the area of milling, we need more efficient processes: faster cuttings speeds, higher feed rates, increased chip thickness, shorter cycle times, longer tool life – in short: low unit costs. Until now, the main technology for volume cutting has been conventional milling with radially arranged inserts, but this is about to be overtaken on the market by another process that has long been used for milling: tangential milling.

Over recent years, tangential milling systems have become the workhorses of the machining industry. During tangential milling, the cutting forces act in the direction of the insert’s greatest stability. As a result of the high infeed forces that are possible, this process achieves formidable material removal rates and high levels of productivity along with good surface finish.