FPS - universal milling machines for flexible use
FPS 420M-NC Source: FPS

FPS Werkzeugmaschinen GmbH will present their three-axis universal milling machines — the FPS 620M-NC and 420M-NC — among other products at EMO.

FPS offers its universal milling machines with two different high-end CNC systems: Heidenhain TNC 620 FS or Siemens 840D sl. Both control systems are clear and easy to use thanks to their workshop-oriented work step programming and convenient touch screen. As well as ensuring that their products are easy to use, FPS places importance on operator safety.

As a result, the compact milling machines are equipped with the latest CNC safety technology.

FPS universal milling machines for flexible use
FPS 420M-NC machine Source: FPS

When set to manual operation, the 620M-NC and 420M-NC, which are designed for milling and drilling, aim to impress users with their accessible working space and ergonomically positioned handwheels. The display includes models with purely manual operation modes and others that feature straight cut control for practical applications.

The machine tools from this Bavarian company are a great first step into modern manufacturing; as a result, they are frequently used in training organisations, vocational schools, universities and higher education institutions, the company explains. However, industrial companies also make good use of the 620M-NC machine in individual and prototype production.

Their key customers in industry include technology companies from the aviation, mechanical engineering, automotive engineering and optics industries.