Face Milling Stainless Steel Cutters
Source: Dormer Pramet

The Dormer Pramet range offers new insert styles and geometries that deliver high metal removal rates with low cutting force and reduced chatter.

The Dormer Pramet stainless steel milling range offers users versatility optimal and productivity. Insert styles include OEHT (octagonal), REHT (round) and XEHT (wiper). The double-positive 45° milling cutter (S450E) design, for example, enables the same cutter body to be used with both octagonal inserts for face milling and round inserts for face/copy milling applications, as well as support internal coolant delivery.

Suitable for use on machines with limited power, the combination of new inserts and cutter delivers high metal removal rates with low cutting force and reduced chatter.

Additionally, the range features positive axial and radial face angles for good cutting action and directing chips away from the workpiece. Available in a variety of diameters, Dormer Pramet says the S450E performs well with fragile work pieces, unstable fixturing or preventing stainless steel work hardening.

The positive inserts utilize eight cutting edges, said to be the highest number available. The OEHT (octagonal) insert also features four new sharp, positive geometries for various cutting conditions, including:

  • MF for finishing applications in stainless steel, mild carbon steel and non-ferrous metals.
  • MM for machining stainless steel in medium cutting conditions.
  • with stabilizer, suitable for difficult cutting conditions in materials such as carbon steels and harder stainless steel.
  • FA for finishing and light to medium machining of non-ferrous materials.

The new geometries offer reduced cutting forces and increased durability for machining with or without coolant.