EMAG Acquires Samputensili
Source: EMAG

EMAG has acquired Samputensili Machine Tools and Samputensili CLC, planning to merge them into EMAG SU Srl.

Emag’s acquisition of Samputensili Machine Tools and Samputensili CLC expands the scope of its technology with a range of gear production processes: shaving; gear shaping; and tooth flank, profile and generating grinding. EMAG also says that this acquisition not just expands its portfolio, but makes new, holistic production solutions possible. These solutions include everything from the first turning and gear cutting operations on a blank, to the grinding of diverse shoulders to the final tooth flank grinding step — this last step specifically uses Samputensili technology.

This acquisition also expands Emag’s customer base, as Samputensili’s technologies are used in the production of pumps and compressors, as well as components for wind turbines, aerospace applications, shipbuilding, industrial transmissions and agricultural machinery.

“The powertrain electrification in automotive engineering increases the quality requirements for gears in terms of mechanical load, accuracy and noise emission,” says Achim Feinauer, CTO of the Emag Group. “The hard fine machining of gears plays a decisive role here. We are also striving to highlight our extensive process expertise in the non-automotive industries. The networking opportunities for our sales department within Samputensili’s customer industries provide us with a really great opportunity to do that.”

In turn, Emag says Samputensili will benefit from the global reach of the Emag Group. Samputensili’s target industries are undergoing technological transformations, but require swift sales and service support to stay competitive around the world — thus necessitating a distributor with established global reach.

Emag and Samputensili are also combining their production networks. Emag will use its production site in Zerbst to manufacture various subassemblies and parts for Samputensili, while the final assembly of Samputensili’s machines will remain in northern Italy. Emag says this system will complete many Samputensili solutions faster and more efficiently.