Dormer Pramet HX Drills Boost Efficiency and Rigidity
Source: Dormer Pramet

Dormer Pramet’s HX high-speed steel jobber drills feature a combination of substrate and drill angle that reduces thrust requirements and increases rigidity.

Dormer Pramet has introduced a new model to its precision twist drill products with the HX series of high-speed steel jobber drills.

The company says combining the toughness of a high-speed steel substrate with a 135-degree split-point design reduces thrust requirements and eliminates walking while providing greater strength and rigidity than general purpose drills. Users achieve increased efficiency and better tool life, resulting in reduced cost per hole.

Comparing the HX series drills to other high-speed steel, heavy-duty jobber drills, Dormer Pramet says the PTD HX can deliver up to 70% more holes in moderate conditions, with its versatility enabling it to also deliver up to 18% more holes in heavy conditions and up to 30% more holes in light conditions.

HX series precision twist drills sport a flute geometry optimized for effective chip evacuation, and the distinctive purple-and-bronze oxide coating they leave behind increases wear resistance. The HX is available in HX10 (fractional sizes), HX15 (letter sizes) and HX18 (wire gauge sizes), with Dormer Pramet also offering a 29-piece fractional set (sizes 1/16” – 1/2” x 64ths).