Automation is essential
Source: DMG Mori

Automation is gaining increasing importance in today’s manufacturing industry. DMG Mori showcases how it can be achieved.

Dr. Masahiko Mori, President of DMG Mori CO. LTD says, “DMG Mori currently offers its customers 150 different machine models in 42 product lines. We are now also in a position to automate almost all of our machines thanks to our 52 automation solutions for workpiece and pallet handling.”

Robo2Go is supported on the CLX, CTX and NLX machines. This innovative solution offers a flexible automation layout with free access to the machine and an intelligent safety concept for human-machine collaboration where, with Robo2Go Vision, teach-in takes less than 10 minutes.

PH Cell automation has a footprint of 10.7 m². This space-saving automation solution enables autonomous manufacturing even in tight production areas. The pallet system is based on a modular design and offers a high degree of flexibility. The concept behind the flexible PH CELL is that numerous machining centres can be connected, optimally supporting DMG Mori’s automation strategy. The WH3 automation system is ideal for the Milltap 700 and the DMP 70 vertical high-speed machining centres.

The WH Series of automation supports different technologies, e.g. lathes and milling machine and workpiece size up to 500 ×500 ×500 mm. A combination of robots, grippers and shelf units can easily be retrofitted to your machine, the company explains. The RPS21 rotary pallet system is designed to automate the NHX 4000 3rd Generation, NHX 5000 3rd Generation and the NHX 5500 2nd Generation. The system has up to 21 pallet stations on three levels and one workpiece setup station. Rotary pallet storage has great space saving and setup capabilities and, can hold more pallets per unit area than any other pallet pool system making RPS the best solution for customers who have never thought of automation due to space restrictions, DMG Mori promises.

Steve Finn, Managing Director of DMG Mori UK says, “Automation is a key part of any installation to get the best possible return on investment and the highest OEE levels. The above are just some of the solutions we can offer for both new and existing installations.”