Cutter Range Suited for Precise, High-Speed Machining of Aluminum

The S6 assortment under Dormer Pramet include two, three and four-flutes cutters, with geometries that provide a high-quality surface finish.

Dormer Pramet has made a new range of solid carbide end mills for aluminum and non-ferrous materials available under its S6 assortment, including three and four-flutes cutters, along with several smaller diameters to the existing two-flutes offer. 

The S6 assortment, the company says, is particularly suited to precision and high-speed machining of aluminum and its alloys. All geometries are said to provide high-quality surface finish, making the range suitable for airframe assembly, automotive and die & mold applications, particularly for prototyping.

All three-flute designs (S650, S614 and S654) offer smooth cutting action and reduced stress on the spindle. A four-flute option (S662) includes various corner radius designs, reinforcing the end teeth for a stronger performance.

A differential pitch option is available on select cutters, reducing vibration, maximizing productivity and tool life, while a positive rake angle enables a smooth cutting action, reducing the risk of work-hardening. 

The S654 cutter also features a neck recess to help avoid contact with the wall in shoulder operations and an NRA profile to break swarf into manageable smaller pieces, reducing spindle load and increasing metal removal rates.