CRENO delivers specialized large machine CNC machine to AVIC

CRENO delivers specialized large machine CNC machine to AVIC

CRENO (Haute-Savoie, France), high tech machining solution provider, has announced it will deliver to The Aviation Industry Corporation of China Ltd. (AVIC, Beijing, China) a 2 in 1 computer numerical control capable of machining composite parts as well as cutting honeycomb ultrasonically.

The machine will be the 20th specialized large machine CRENO has delivered to China. The machine will be implanted in Jinan, on one of AVIC’s locations, a Chinese equipment manufacturer and major actor of the COMAC (Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China, Shanghai, China) program.

The 2 in 1 solution will enable machining of composite parts as well as ultrasonic cutting of honeycomb, a process where CRENO is a world renown pioneer. Compared to traditional techniques, ultrasonic cutting processes are said to be dust free and reportedly improve the workspace environment and cleanliness. Ultrasonic cutting is also said to enable high quality precision cutting, with no deformation and is reportedly up to three times faster.

CRENO’s tailor-made 5-axis CNC machine has been conceived according to detailed AVIC’s specifications. Precise to a hundredth of a millimeter, the machine measures 6 meters long, weighs 30 tons and has a large vertical height axis (2.2 meters).

“This new success underlines the trust AVIC and CRENO have established over years of cooperation,” says Alain Bejean, managing director of CRENO. “15 years of presence on the Chinese aviation market, thanks to our customer relationships and the support of our local teams, illustrate the reliability and performance of CRENO’S solutions and technologies.”