Compact Milling Center from Trak Opens Possibilities

The VMC2 from Trak Machine Tools is full-featured milling center with a compact footprint. 

The VMC2 from Trak Machine Tools is a full featured 3-axis production-oriented compact vertical machining center. The 52” x 30.5” footprint enables the VMC2 to be installed in constrained spaces where a traditional machining center might not fit. Inside this footprint, the VMC2 features a 14”x12”x17” travel area, 3HP spindle and an 8-station tool changer.

The bridge construction, short head projection, high spindle tool retention force and 10,000RPM spindle are features that are typically reserved for larger machines but come standard on the VMC2. Powered by the ProtoTRAK RMX conversational control platform, the new VMC2 maintains all the features from larger models, including DXF conversion, tool path visualization and TRAKing.