Bruker Releases New ContourX 3D Optical Profilometers
Source: Bruker

Bruker has released its next-generation benchtop ContourX 3D Optical Profilometers for gage-capable surface texture and roughness metrology in R&D and manufacturing environments.

The white light interferometry (WLI) platform features Bruker’s new USI universal scanning mode for automatically determining the measurement parameters for optimal metrology results, as well as an advanced PSI mode for lower-noise measurements and a best-in-class, subnanometer Z resolution.

A 5MP camera and overhauled stage design boosts the machines’ large-area stitching capabilities, allowing them to collect 1,000 high-resolution stitched fields. Bruker says this combination of features and capabilities enables greater convenience and productivity in demanding research and industrial applications ranging from studying novel material structures and characterizing manufactured components for medical, automotive and aerospace to conducting highly accurate measurements for precision machining, cosmetics and semiconductor manufacturing.

The ContourX family of profilometers is available in three benchtop models, each with a range of capabilities and price points targeted to individual metrology and budget requirements. Software enhancements include Bruker’s new VisionXpress interface, which the company says provides simple and intuitive access to the full power of the award-winning Vision64 analytical software suite — and which it says will make these profilers ideal for multi-user environments. The latest version of VisionMAP software further complements those features with customized reporting capabilities and advanced analysis solutions.