Big Kaiser's HDC Jet-Through Toolholder Improves Five-Axis Surface Finish
Source: Big Kaiser

Big Kaiser has expanded its HDC jet-through hydraulic chuck line to include the BCV interface and additional inch sizes. 

HDC toolholders are designed for high-precision five-axis machining with maximum speeds of 35,000 rpm and clamping range of ¼” to ½”, suiting many applications in the automotive, aerospace, medical, and die and mold industries.

A thread feature allows for convertible coolant delivery between jet-through coolant and center-through coolant. Jet-through hydraulic chucks are ideal toolholders for finishing applications, according to Big Kaiser, which benefit from improved coolant delivery. The coolant flows through the end of the toolholder and is angled to direct coolant to the cutting tool tip, improving surface finish and tool life.

HDC toolholders require the use of only one hex key wrench to clamp or loosen the cutting tool, easing tool changes and eliminating any need for special equipment. The toolholder provides 0.00012″ total indicator runout (TIR) at 5×D.