Automation Technology Enables Flexible Capacity Adaptation
Source: Grob

Grob Systems Inc.‘s automation technology enables flexible adaptation to capacities and guarantees coordinated pallet handling.

The company offers self-made automation components for its entire product range, from semi-automatic to fully automatic production. The automation solutions ensure an efficient production process and guarantee optimal work piece handling. All fully automatic technologies can be adapted to the specific customer needs.

The linear pallet storage system (PSS-L) is ideally suited as a modular system for individual machines or for interlinking multiple Grob machining systems. With it, up to five machine tools can be connected to a pallet storage racking with a maximum of 87 tool pockets. A significant increase in machine utilization and economic production can be achieved and a longer unmanned production period can be made possible.

PSS-L is a modular, expandable system consisting of at least one basic module. It is also system-flexible and can be expanded by up to four extension modules and additional setup stations. The basic and extension modules are available with up to three storage levels and ensure a fast pallet change thanks to a dynamic shuttle transfer system.

The accessible setup station can be flexibly extended and positioned, with the possibility of crane loading; it also features a modern, flexible production control software with 24-inch touch screen panel that visualizes and organizes production orders. Other advantages of the PSS-L include a high storage capacity with a small footprint, a cost-conscious acquisition investment and visibility into the work space and the pallet storage locations.